You keep all the commandments if you love your neighbor as yourself.

Wednesday, 11/4/15

Paul tells us that we will be sinning against none of the commandments as long as we love our neighbor as much as we love our self.

If you love your neighbor as much as you love yourself you will not take his goods from him to enrich yourself, because his well being means as much to you as your well being. 

You will not bear false witness against him because his good name means as much to you as his good name. 

You will not commit sins of the flesh, either alone or with another, because you cannot turn your affection upon yourself without lessoning the store of affection you can show to your neighbor.

You can demonstrate this by imagining you are holding your store of affectionate out at arms length. If you are offering it to others your hands are wide open in giving; if you are reserving it for yourself, your hands bend back., bathing yourself with self love.

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