With God as an amazing watchmaker, each of us is a timepiece that clicks for a ttime.

Friday, 11/13/15

Today’s Gospel reminds me of s scene from the Everglades that I watched on the Nature Channel. Eighteen ducks were gliding along in formation, when a gator, coming from nowhere, snatched and ate one of them. The others, after shifting their course a few feet, showed no concern over their being reduced by one. Like that, when you or I are snatched away, ,the world will instantly adjust to our absence

The First Reading takes up our puniness, contrasting it with the power and beauty of the oceans and the stars. After asking us to fix our attention on such marvels, the reading then asks us to consider that the Lord who fashioned such things is far greater than them.

The people who need to put up with me weary over my marveling over the intricacies of our bodies. I am sorry about that, but I can’t stop marveling.

Science observes that each of our bodies is composed of over five trillion cells with each of them functioning as a busy unit of life. Each cell is outfitted with the millions of atoms in our distinct DNA.

Each cell is enclosed in a membrane tailor made to let in the food special to that cell, while each is so perforated as to let out the proteins they have assembled.

Today’s first reading, after leading us to marvel over such universe, then asks us to consider how far greater than them is their devisor.

Our reading asks you to consider the trillions of parts and functions of your body and your mind. You could compare your person  to a fine timepiece, created by God, and kept ticking for generations.

It’s like the song “My Grandfather’s Clock.” It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born, but it stopped short, never to go again when the old man died. 

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