We shouldn't let trivia keep us from heaven.

Tuesday, 11/3/15

Our Lord’s story in today’s Gospel is the third of his stories about banquets in this Chapter Fourteen of Luke’s Gospel.

The first of his stories was about guests trying to get seats at the head of the table. His second story is about inviting not the wealthy or important people, but the homeless. Jesus said such poor people will see that you are repaid after the Resurrection.

That answer prompted one of the guests to address Jesus, saying, “Blessed is one who will dine in the resurrection of the just.” That answer prompted Jesus to speak of unfortunate people who miss out on dining in heaven. One man had to go inspect a field, another to inspect a yoke of oxen, one who had to be with a new wife.

It is interesting that all three of those were polite in asking to be excused. They represent those among us who are good hearted, and who would have time for God if we didn’t have better things to do.

We, each of us, has been given one life, one trial period. We can use it to prove ourselves worthy, or we can fritter it away on trivialities.

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