The widow loved her heavenly Father, and he loved her back.

Sunday, 11/8/15

Back before we had Television, the Web, and Face book, people with time to spare often found a seat close by from which they could follow the doings of the rich and famous. That’s the way it was in today’s Gospel.

Mark, who probably had done the same thing himself, tells us that the Apostles had found a bench from which they could watch Jerusalem’s wealthy citizens drop their donations into the treasury.

Jesus, not joining in their “Oohs” and “Ahs,” seemed to be lost in his thoughts until he was aroused by an old widow’s coming forward, and dropping two small coins into the treasury.

Whether they were authentic or not, I don’t know; but I saw samples of her coins; and they were so thin that they would have fluttered down into the treasury.   

Aroused, Jesus asked the Apostles to see what the widow was doing. Those rich people had only donated a little from their abundance, but that daughter of the heavenly Father had given him all she had to live on.

We often hear an older person say that inside themselves he or she still the child they always were. It might have been that thought that brought the widow to give God her all. The heavenly Father saw her as the child she was inside. He loved her as his darling daughter, and she loved him back.

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