The son of man comes to us, riding on the clouds of heaven.

Friday, 11/27/15

These long readings from the Book of Daniel were meant to e prophesies of the kingdoms that would rule the Middle East for four hundred years from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. The four beasts that rose from the sea would have been the Babylonians, the Medes, the Persians, the Greeks.

The ten horns would be those of the Seleucan dynasty that followed Alexander. While the arrogant horn that pushed three others aside would have been Antiochus the Fourth.

There doesn’t seem to be anything about that history lesson that merits it a place in the Bible. However, we must rightly be impressed by the prophesy of the “one like a son of man coming on the clouds of heaven.”

It is thrilling to picture the lord of the universe coming to us in human form. We should given silent time to considering how wonderful it is to have him coming to us on the clouds of heaven.  

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