The Bible recommends two kinds of Wisdom. She contrast one with her sister Folly, while she presents the other as the divine Wisdom that comes to you in prayerful silence.

Thursday, 11/12/15

Our first reading tells us that Wisdom is a spirit that is intelligent, holy and unique.

The Scriptures have two wonderful ways of presenting Wisdom to us. First, sometimes the Bible pairs Wisdom with a sister named Folly.

While Folly urges us to go for immediate pleasure, her thoughtful sister, Wisdom, urges another course of action that will be more difficult,  but  will bring us greater happiness in the long run.

In line with that, while we usually think of a wise man or woman as one who has amassed a store of learning; the truly wise man or woman is one whose memory of past disappointments will keep him or her away from repeating the mistakes.

Still in line with that, it’s a good thing each morning for you to review the choices you will need to make during the day, resolving to follow the wise courses, rather than your plunging on with those urged on you by Wisdom’s sister, Folly.

 But, today’s first reading recommends the second kind of Wisdom. It recommends divine Wisdom

You make use of divine Wisdom when you fully open your mind to her direction. When you have patiently awaited her input, divine Wisdom will remind you of an important thought or of a possible course of action.

Often, the way Wisdom does that for you, is by causing you to recall something Jesus said in the Gospels.

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