Jesus was always telling people like us to turn our thnking along.

Tuesday, 11/17/15

Matthew, Mark and Luke, in describing the preaching of Jesus from village to village, said he was telling people to turn their thinking around. In today’s Gospel, that is what Jesus moved Zacchaeus to do.

So forcibly was Zacchaeus impressed by Our Lord’s goodness, that he wanted to be like that too. Anxious to be near that kind of goodness, he first of all, climbed a sycamore. Then, after gaining Our Lords ear, he experienced a strong need to be like him. He tried accomplishing that  by doubly compensating all those whom he had cheated.

This weekend I had pleasant phone chats with first a niece and then a nephew, both of whom had stories about how other individuals among their siblings and their kids  had turned things around, finding happiness by throwing off their vices.

But turning our thinking around is not just a life-changing move we make once through our years. In taking stock of ourselves each morning we can  find something to turn from to make our lives happier.

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