Isaiah described Jesus seventeen hundred years before Christmas.

Tuesday, 12/1/15

Today’s readings are replete with fine thoughts. It would be well for us to make a copy of both the Gospel and the readings from Isaiah. We could then pray over them between now and Christmas.

But for handling them today, we might compare Isaiah’s build up for Jesus to the types of campaign promises from our candidates for president. None of them can boast of Wisdom, Understanding, Council, Fortitude, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord.

Wisdom is Our Lord’s double-barreled ability. He is wise in that he never opts for foolishness. Then too, he is wise in that he spends his nights in prayer, begging the Father for light for the courses to follow.

He is understanding in that he forced himself to day and night put up with the company of unlearned fishermen. He did that by constantly reminding himself that as bad as they were, they were doing their best.

Then, even as a twelve-year-old he practiced counsel by listening to the wise men in the temple.

He practiced fortitude by sticking to what the Father had laid out for him to do, even though he knew it would lead to his being scourged and spat upon.

He practiced knowledge by appreciating the hidden wisdom of the Samaritan woman and of the widow who in giving two pennies was showing she loved God with all she had.

He practiced Fear of the Lord by forcing himself to live by his resolve to “Come doing not his own will, but the will of the one who sent him.” And, as hard as that was for him, he, like Isaiah, could say, “The fear of the Lord is my delight.” 

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