For whom was Jesus weeping?

Thursday, 11/19/15

In the Gospel, Jesus wept for the destruction of Jerusalem that would come some thirty-five years after his crucifixion. The Romans would not leave a stone upon a stone.

In a larger sense, Jesus was weeping for all of us chosen ones for whom Jerusalem is a symbol. His ancestor David made Jerusalem his own city in 1,000 b.c. However our identification with Jerusalem goes further back to when our father Abraham offered up his child on Moriah, the future cite of the Jerusalem.

Then, in Revelation the heavenly Jerusalem has the names of the twelve tribes on Jerusalem’s gates, and the names of the twelve apostles are on the twelve courses of stones in the heavenly Jerusalem’s walls.

So, if you ask for whom Jesus wept that day, your answer would be like that given by John Donne. “Send not to ask for whom Jesus wept, he wept for you who constantly disappoint the Father.”

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