Following Pope Francis, we should cooperate in keeping our world from coming to an end with global warming.

Wednesday, 11/25/15

This is the last week of the Church year that starts anew next Sunday with the First Sunday of Advent. As we come toward the end of this year, our readings at Mass give us pictures of this world coming to an end, but with each prediction assuring us that we cannot tell when it will happen.

However, solid scientific fact tells us about coming disasters. The figures on global warming assure us that if we continue at our present rate of burning fossil fuels, our global temperature will rise 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100. That would certainly bring the melting of our polar ice caps; and that will take away the habitats of many animals and birds; and it would raise sea levels enough to do away with many of our favorite coastal cities.

Starting next Monday representatives of over a hundred nations will meet in France for two weeks of striving to fix attainable goals for saving our world.

Since it was Pope Francis’s encyclical, “Laudato  Si” that got the ball rolling on this, we should add our efforts and prayers to saving our world.

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