Each of us is made with the potential of being like God in a unique way.

Tuesday, 11/11/15

The first reading tells us that God in “the image of his own nature he made men.”

The readings often tell us that we are made in God’s image, and each time I tell the same story about Casey Corrigan. She was in the Sixth Grade back in 1988 when she raised her hand to ask, “If we are all made in God’s image, how come some people are left handed?”

I told Casey then that my sister Peggy was left handed, and God made all mean people left handed so we cold know who they were.”

Actually, Peggy was a wonderful mother of thirteen kids, who thanks to her, turned out well.

But, Casey’s question set me to wondering how we can all be like God, when we are all so different from one another. I came up with an answer that I like, even though It isn’t in the Bible.

My answer is that we can compare God to a many faceted diamond, with each of us created to mirror a different facet.

Again, back in 1988, Cardinal William Baum (who just died, as the oldest of the cardinals) wrote an explanation of  the Church’s goal in educating children. It ties in with my notion of us each being created to mirror our own facet of God. The Cardinal said, “The purpose of Catholic education is to assist each individual in fully achieving his or her potential.”

If you or I could do that, then, you or I would each be God-like in a unique way.   

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