You could become the Good Samaritan.

Monday, 10/5/15

The Gospel is telling you that every man, woman, boy of girl you meet is God’s child whom God wants you to treat like a brother or sister.

If you are living a good life, free of any aching concerns, you will be free to show concern for anyone you meet. And, it will reward you with the good feeling of having earned a brother or sister. 

Every time we have this Gospel, I tell this same story that has me looking good. I was on vacation, driving down I-95, just past Daytona, when I saw a man stranded next to his car and a U-Haul. Stopping, I learned that he had run out of gas; so I drove him down to the next Easy-Off, where he filled a five gallon can with gas.

His story was that he and the young lady he was to marry had come over from Cuba ten years before; and after they started a family, he took a job in a furniture factory near Boston. Then, still without insurance, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Their two families in Miami, promised to get her hospitalized in Miami if they could make it down there. That had them selling enough furniture to buy plane fare for the wife and kids, and for him to rent a U-Haul for carrying down their other things. To save on money. he had been driving non-stop from Boston when he forgot to check the gas.

When we got the gas into his car, and I was taking off, the man surprised me by saying, “I know who you are.”

People sometimes surprise me by guessing I am a priest. So, wondering how they do it, I asked him, “Oh yeah, who am I?”

“Why,” the guy answered, “You are the Good Samaritan.”      

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