We will be blessed if the Lord, when he comes for us, finds us tending to his matters..

Wednesday, 10/21/15

Jesus compared each of us to a servant whose master, going off on a journey, has put in charge until his return.

If that servant does well, watching over his master’s interests; then the master on his return would richly reward that servant. But, if that servant, assuming that the master will be gone for much longer, forgets his duties to the master, and instead turns to pleasing himself: then, the master, returning suddenly, will punish him severely.

Each of us is that servant whom God has put in charge of serving his interests.  That said, which of the two servants do we resemble? Are you and I like that servant who was richly rewarded for conscientiously tending to his master’s interests?

Or, are we like the servant who was severely punished for pleasing only himself on the assumption that he would have plenty of time to get his life back in shape before the master’s eventual return?

Jesus says,  “Watch Out!”

God will call on us when we least expect it.

A sobering exercise for us is to go over our hand-written address books, finding that more than half of those friends were suddenly called away.

It is axiomatic in Psychology, that each of us has the mistaken conviction that we will go on and on. 

But, again, Jesus says, “Watch out!”

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