We hate to be told to make room for someone more worthy.

Saturday, 10/31/15

Each of us wonders about how near the top of the table others will seat us. Out of fear that we will be told to make room for someone who is preferred to us, we usually don’t go for the top seat.

Possibly, nothing concerns us as much as how we are ranked in the eyes of others. Think of this: when God told you to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself’, he did not tell you to love your neighbor more than yourself.

 No! You are God’s precious child, and he has put this precious child that you are in your own hands. He has entrusted you to your own keeping. He has charged you to keep yourself healthy and happy

Becoming a good Christian requires you to keep convincing yourself that each of the people around you is also God’s precious child. It requires you to share God’s love for each of those around you.

God is happy at the advancement of children other than yourself. If you can share God’s happiness at seeing other people getting ahead, you are on your way to becoming a saint.

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