Not one fallen sparrow escapes the attention and care of the heavenly Father.

 Friday, 10/16/15
Five sparrows are sold for two small coins, yet not one of them escapes the notice of God.

Let me burden you with two things that Our Lord’s words bring to my mind. The first thing is the memory of  standing up, jostled from side to side, on a crowded all-day bus ride in Korea years ago. 

For thirty miles or so, I was  wedged in so tightly that I had to stare down at an old gentleman who had a seat below me. He was neatly dressed in a jacket and matching vest, but both of them were fashioned from a U.S. army blanket.

What was memorable about him was what he was grasping twelve inches out in front of him. It was a sliver of bamboo that he had threaded through the beaks of two small birds.

People putting on their annual banquet for their dead ancestors, paid well for such delicacies that they laid out on a banquet table to tempt the spirits of their deceased grandparents. 

The other thing in Our Lord’s story that caught my attention was the Father’s concern for the fate of those sparrows.

Lately I have kept coming back to the scientific fact that each of our bodies is composed of over five trillion cells. God not only planned and assembled all of those movable parts, he also keeps them in running order as long as he wants us to live. As busy as he is, if he can tend to all of that, then, it is no problem for him to be attentive to our prayers.

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