Jesus told us we would turn up badly if we didn't turn our thinking around

Saturday, 10/24/15

People were telling Jesus about recent disasters in Jerusalem, and they were asking Jesus if the victims were being punished for their sins. Jesus said that was not the case.

Our reading quotes Jesus as saying, “If you do not repent, you will all perish as they did.”

Now, every time Catholics publish a new version of the Bible, each word of our translations from the Greek to English is voted on by a board of scholars and by a board of bishops. Sometimes the majority of those voting on the choice of English words choose a word to suit their own views, rather than its being an exact translation of the Greek word. That happened here.  

Writing in Greek, Luke quoted Jesus as saying “You will perish as they did unless you turn your thinking around.” That was in accord with Our Lord’s parable about the gardener with a fig tree. If he didn’t do more for cultivating it, the master would have him cut it down.

It’s good that the scholars and bishops feel that we need to repent for our sins, but it is not good for them to claim to be what Jesus was talking about here. 

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