We experience many fine urges from God, and we live happy lives by following them

Saturday, 9/ 19/15

Jesus told a story about a farmer scattering his seed, and he told us that the seed was the word of God. We could say that by “the word of God” he was referring to verses from the Bible; but it seems more likely that what he meant was urges that come to us from God.

In the course of a day we experience many fine urges. We feel the urge to do something good: like an urge to visit a needy person or to lend help to some one in need. We feel the urge to read the Bible, or some other worthy book.

Our Lord says that typically we respond to such urges in one of four ways.

First, we are like the hard soil of the pathway that represents our hearts when we are so wrapped up in other matters that God’s urging doesn’t sink in.

Secondly we are like an inch of soil over a layer of stone. The seed falling there takes advantage of the heat and moisture on the layer of stone. It germinates, and it springs up immediately, but it dies quickly, for its lack of roots. We are like that when we enthusiastically respond to God’s urging, but don’t follow through with it.

Third, we are like the soil thick with weeds and brambles. That happens when our vices, our laziness, chokes out our good intentions.

Lastly, we are like the see falling on good soil when we take God’s urgings to heart, following through with them, building a happy life.

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