Pope Francis wrote that Mary has been transfigured.

Wednesday, 9/2/15
Let me mention one of the many things that struck me in the encyclical Pope Francis wrote about saving the earth. The encyclical prints out at 200 pages, and it is composed of 246 paragraphs.
Towards the end, in paragraph 241, Francis spoke of Mary; and he said, she is  “Completely transfigured.” He further said she, ”now understands the meaning of all things, hence we can ask her to enable us to look at this world with eyes of wisdom.”
The Holy Father is there saying that if you could put together all the scholars and saints now on earth, they could not be as competent as Mary is in telling us how to save our earth. That seems to be the main thing he is saying there; but I am more caught up with his saying that Mary is “Completely transfigured.”
We have never heard of anyone but Jesus as being “transfigured.” That happened on a mountaintop one week after he announced that he was going up to Jerusalem to die.
My feeling has always been that Jesus, in his humanity, was feeling very downcast over the thought of his approaching death. And feeling the need for consolation from his Father, he went p to be alone with him on the mountaintop. So, the Father, to console him, gave him a foretaste of heaven.
The vision of the transfiguration, as Peter James and John awoke to see it, pictured  the floor of heaven stretching down like a trampoline, taking in the body of Jesus as he hovered above them. That transformed his body from being a merely physical one to becoming a spiritual body. As Paul said in First Corinthians, 15:44, “If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual one.”
That is most encouraging as it applies to us. In the Resurrection we will stiil have bodies. In that same passage Paul wrote, “There are both heavenly bodies and earthly ones; but the brightness of the heavenly is of one kind, and that of the earthly another.” 

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