Like fickle crowds, we can find something wrong with everyone.

Wednesday, 9/16/15

Jesus saw that nothing would satisfy the crowd. They didn’t like John the Baptist because he neither ate nor drank. They didn’t like Jesus because he did eat and drank.

We can find something wrong with everyone. But shouldn’t the opposite of that be also true? If we tried, couldn’t we find something good about everyone?

I think older people might be kinder. I remember riding buses as a teenager, and looking around, having mean thoughts about everyone, like: “I bet that guy is always picking  his nose,” or “That woman probably chomps on their fruit when she is walking through Publix.”

Now, I think things like: “That man must be a pleasure to work with,” or, “Her grandchildren must really love that lady.”

Even if kind judgments don’t come automatically with age, we can curb our thinking that way. We can see everyone as God’s child, and as one who fights to overcome handicaps.

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