Francis has not left us all getting along with each other.

Monday, 9/28/15

Jesus said, “Whoever is not against you is for you.” In line with that, Pope Francis left us feeling that we are all in love with one another. However, our newspapers are telling us that there is still some discord left here.

The papers have interviewed Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Director of the Congregation of the Faith, and one  paper has this to say about Cardinal Muller. “He is one of the many who without challenging the immensely popular pope head-on, have sought to weather the so-called Francis effect by inculcating the next generation of faithful with their own prioities of a church of rules.

Then, it was  John Boehner, speaker of the House, who invited Francis to speak to a joint session of Congress. And, sitting behind the pope as he talked; Boehner made up his mind to leave politics. The paper says that his resignation is bringing on a sense of dread that an already bitter and divisive political atmosphere is about to get even worse.   

Francis is telling us to pray that it doesn’t happen. 

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