We need to get rid of inner clutter, to make room in our hearts for Wisdom

Sunday, 8/16/15

Our first reading is from the Book of Proverbs, and it urges us to pursue wisdom. The Bible pictures Wisdom as a young lady with a sister named Folly. While Folly has us rushing after quick pleasures, her sister Wisdom urges us to make choices that will bring happiness in the long run.

Many times a day you need to decide which sister to listen to. Wisdom urges you not to put off your work, while her sister Folly says, “Aw, goof off.” Folly then tells you to have another drink and another helping, while Wisdom says, “Come on, why not have a good night’s sleep, and then wake up free for the day?”

In today’s reading, Wisdom urges you to “Forsake foolishness that you may live, and advance in the way of understanding.”

The Bible sometimes speaks of God himself as being our Wisdom. When you are looking for help in making the right decision, the best thing to do is to empty your heart of desires, of prejudices, and of “druthers;” opening up a wide inner room for Wisdom to fully occupy. You then ask God,  “What do you want me to do?” And you then let Wisdom take over your decision making.

There is a professional golfer who turned twenty-two this year as he won three of the major championships. Nick Faldo asked Jack Nicklaus about the secret to Jordan Spieth’s early wisdom; and Jack said it was Jordan’s ability to create an “uncluttered mind.” We need that too. We need to get rid of our inner clutter, to make room for Wisdom.

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