We are all called to work in the Lord's harvest.

Wednesday, 8/19/15

In today’s parable Jesus compares all of us to workers called to work in his harvest field. Some of us get to working early in the day, some of us later on. He pictures those later ones as having idled away their time at useless activities. If we are not working in his harvest field, whatever else we have been doing as useless.

In our school we had a seventh grade girl who differed with Jesus on that point. That girl raised her hand, and said, “I don’t want the Church or anyone else telling me how to live my life. It’s my life to use in any way I like.”

If she follows up on that, she will join a good number of like-minded people. She will join them in jail. That little girl was never able make it on her own. Her parents made her bottle just warm enough. They changed her diapers then kept her well clothed, they paid for her education.

Hopefully, short of paying for her selfish views, that girl will come to agree with what Paul said in Romans, 14:7. “No one lives as his own master, no one dies as his own master. While we live we are responsible to the Lord; when we die, we will die as his servants. Both in life and in death we are the Lord’s.

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