St. Monica spent her life doing what God had put her here to do.

Thursday, 8/27/15

In the Gospel Jesus spoke of coming at an unexpected time, and finding his servant busy about doing his master’s work.  St. Monica, the mother of Augustine was one such faithful servant. Her husband, a pagan with ambitions for his son, had fitted him out with a fine education and a maid to care for him.

Swimming against that tide, Monica followed her son from assignment to assignment, becoming successful at last by introducing Augustine to the spiritual spell of St. Ambrose.

You and I are both servants of God, with his tasks to carry out. Our hope is that the Lord will find us doing his work when he comes for us.

I often quote Romans Fourteen, Seven. “No one lives as his own master. No one dies as his own master. While we live, we are responsible to the Lord; when we die, we die as his servants. Both in life and in death we are the Lords.”

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