In this chapter, Luke began recounting all the events that brought the disciples to see that Jesus was more than human.

Tuesday, 9/1/15
With Luke giving the first three of his chapters to his Infancy Narrative, he then devoted Chapters Four through Nine to showing how it gradually dawned on his disciples that he was more than human. That gradual dawning began with his day at the synagogue in Capernaum.
Luke is here asking us to join the disciples as they wondered what kind of man this could be.
With the disciples, we are in wonder over the authority in the teaching voice of Jesus. With their Scribes, everything they said about heaven was hearsay; but Jesus talked about heaven as though he had been there.
The disciples were amazed at how the devils in possession of a man there all recognized Jesus as “The holy One of God.”
When Jesus turned on the devil possessing the man, he commanded the devil to come out, and the devil threw the man to the ground in an unsuccessful attempt to hang on to the man.
 All the people in the synagogue that day, were so utterly convinced of the other-worldliness of Jesus, that they spread word about him everywhere.   

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