What three of Our Lord's parables do you like best?

Thursday,  7/23/15

People complained that Jesus spoke only in parables rather than giving straight forward explanations of the law the way their Scribes did. That got me thinking about his parables. It had me asking which of his parables I liked the most. What about you? Which three of his parables do you like best?

You might make me change my mind on this, but I’d say the ones I like best are “The Prodigal Son,” “The Sower went out to sow his seed,” and “The lost sheep.” They cater to those of us who are far from perfect.

“The Prodigal Son” pictures the Father scanning the horizon, longing for sight of his wayward child.

“The Sower went out to sow his seed,” alerts us to God’s whispering to you even when you are like a hardened path, a rocky soil, a mess of weeds. 

“The lost sheep” gives the cozy feeling of being brought back on our shepherd’s shoulder. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Father, I would have to say, "The Prodigal son", "The Good Samaritan" and "The Workers in the field" who worked different hours but all got paid the same. The Samaritan shows us how we should love our neighbor and the worker point out that we all will receive the same reward. IMHO, Theresa., God bless.

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