What are you seeking?"

Saturday, 7/25/15

Today we honor St. James, brother of the Apostle John. The two were relatively well off. Their Father Zebedee had hired hands. Their mother Salome served the Apostles out of her own means. John was personally known to the High Priest. James was known as a son of thunder because of his hot temper, and that probably led to his being the first of the Apostles to be martyred.

The ashes of St. James are kept at Santiago Spain, and the yearly camino to the sight  concludes today. It is the most popular pilgrimage in Christendom.  

When James and John, as boys, heard about John the Baptist they received permission from Zebedee to go help John the Baptist in administering baptism. When John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God, they left him to follow Jesus.

It is a nice practice for you to join those bashful brothers as they followed Jesus at a distance. When he turned, asking them, “What are you seeking” it is good for you to ponder  how you would answer his question, 

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