This story of Abraham sacrificing his son is a preview of God sacrficing his Son for us.

Thursday, 7/2/15

In his Letter to the Ephesians Paul told us that it has been God’s plan “To sum up all things in Christ,” and we have an example of that in today’s first reading. This story abut Abraham and his son Isaac is actually a Preview of the story of God giving his only Son in a sacrifice.

The story deals with mystery rather than with facts, and it tips us off to this by saying it was a three day journey. Giving prominence to the number three is the Bible’s way of saying we are dealing with mystery, rather than fact.

Their destination was the “land of Moriah,” and 2nd Chronicles puts that in what was to become the cite of the Temple in Jersalem. Then, as was to be the case with Jesus, the son carried the wood for the sacrifice. When he asked the father about the lamb for the sacrifice, Abraham said that God would provide it. With Isaac the Lord’s messenger showed up to save the son, but no messenger would come to save Jesus from becoming the lamb of our sacrifice.   

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