The seeds are God's promptings, and the four kinds of ground are four ways we respond to God's promptings.

Friday, 7/24/15

Jesus said that the seeds, in his parable about the man sowing his seeds, stand for the word of God. We know that he did not mean his words in the Gospels, because they had not yet been written.

By the words of God in this parable, Jesus meant the silent promptings that God repeatedly sends to each of us, telling us to do good, and telling us how to better  understand hidden meanings.

By the pathway, the rock, the weed patch and the good ground Jesus meant the conditions of our hearts when it comes to responding to God’s promptings.

Sometimes when God’s word calls for our attention, we are like a heavily trod path with too much going on for us to pay attention to God’s promptings.

Some time our hearts are like an inch of soil over a rock pan. Seeds fallen there spring up immediately, but just as soon they die for lack of roots and moisture. We are like that when we respond to God with an enthusiasm that soon dies.

Some of our hearts are choked with many weed-like vices that won’t let goodness grow.

Then sometimes our hearts are open to God’s promptings, and we respond to his promptings with generosity.

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