God loves all his creatures, even the smallest sparrow

Saturday, 7/11/15

Jesus tells us not one sparrow falls to the ground without the Father being concerned.

That could put you in mind of the TV commercials that show you whole walls stacked four deep with guns for killing birds. Would owner of one of those shops hang it on the wall if you sent him an embroidered plaque that says, “Not one sparrow falls to the ground without the Father’s being concerned?”

Staying with sparrows, speaking of the Son of God, St. John wrote, “all things were made through him, by him, and in him.” And by that he would have meant that each sparrow is somehow modeled after the Son of God, as well as having been brought into being by the Son of God. Serious people down through the ages have wondered about those words of John, but modern science has given greater cause to wonder.

We have learned that each sparrow is composed of millions of cells, with each cell being composed of millions of DNA molecules. That really gives us something to wonder about when we see a hawk making lazy circles in the sky. 

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