Come apart with the Lord.

Sunday, 7/19/15

Today’s Gospel is put before us to help us reclaim peaceful minds. We might begin by imagining each of us to be one of Our Lord’s apostles who has had too much claiming his attention. Let me describe some claims made on mine.

The day before yesterday a waitress came over, urging me to believe that the Anti-Christ is here. Then, coming out from there I met a lady who assured me that Jesus loves me. I turned on the TV, and watched a hearing in which alternate congressmen insisted that we have made a bad agreement with Iran, or a good agreement with Iran.    

That had me switching to a pleasant TV movie, the one where Helen Hunt bought a home in Tuscany. But after five minutes it was interrupted by commercials that insisted I buy Crest Toothpaste, a Playtex bra, Maybelline eye shadow, Progressive Insurance, Breyer’s Vanilla and seven other products. They became like so many cockroaches crawling  through my mind.

That sent me outside. Copying today’s Gospel’s, I took a seat, closing my eyes; and like the Apostles in that boat, I spent fifteen minutes alone with God.

Then, checking back on today’s Gospel, I saw that Jesus went on to teach about many things. To approximate that, I picked up our Pope’s encyclical on the  environment. It has me joining in the fight for reclaiming God’s natural world from the commercial forces trying to make it their own.

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