This story about Abraham welcoming guests with such kindness is the Bible's chief lesson for our need to be hospitable with strangers.

Saturday, 6/27/15

This story of Abraham turning weary travelers into honored guests was the Bible’s main lesson on our need to be hospitable to strangers.

In spite of the heat, Abraham ran out to greet the strangers. Then, instead of presenting himself as a kindly host, he bowed, and he insisted that it would be very kind of the strangers to accept his hospitality.

Then to show how much he appreciated their becoming his guests, he went overboard in preparing a huge quantity of food: a tender young steer, and bushel baskets of fine dinner rolls.

While Abraham as a worthy host, showed no doubt over the promise of a son in his extreme old age, it made his old wife Sarah laugh. The tribal story tellers would have pointed out a connection between Isaac, the future son’s name, and “eesack” an old Hebrew word for laughing. 

At the beginning of this story there were three guests, while at the end there was only one, and he seemed to be the Lord. They had a commandment against making images of the invisible God. So, being afraid of presenting God in any way, they made up this confusing story.

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