Our first commandment tells us to love both God and neighbor.

Thursday, 6/4/15

When the Scribe in the Gospel story asked Jesus which was the first of all commandments, Jesus answered not by telling him one commandment, but by telling him a second one too.

However, the Scribe, in highly approving of Our Lord’s answer, and of seemingly repeating Our Lord’s answer; actually altered it.  Where Jesus had spoken of two commandments, the Scribe referred to them as though they were one. He said yes, the first commandment is loving God and neighbor.

The Scribe was seeing the first of commandment to be that of ordering us to love both God and neighbor.

Seemingly, Jesus was happy over at last finding someone who understood that basic truth: that we love God by at the same time loving his children.

Having received that perfect answer, Jesus questioned people no further.

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