No new children will be born to us in heaven.

Wednesday, 6/3/15

The Book of Tobit gives us a charming fictional story from around 300 b.c.. It purports to tell a store about the Israelites who were assimilated into Assyria after they were carried off from the northern kingdom in 722 b.c. Only the Catholics include this story in their Bible.

In the Gospel a group of Sadducees attempted making fun of Jesus and of his certainty about the afterlife. They made up a story about a woman who buried seven husbands before dying herself. Laughing up their sleeves, they ask Jesus if such a woman in heaven would be bed-hopping between her seven husbands. 

In conclusion of his answer to the Sadducees Jesus would bring them to see that they actually did believe in life after death. He did that by making them realize that in describing themselves as followers of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob they were actually seeing those ancients as not having been rotted away.

But, before getting around to that, Jesus did give us some rare facts about the afterlife, and we must thank him for that information. For one thing, he said the Scriptures can tell us valuable truths about heaven; and he went on to say that we would live on in heaven without further adding to our species. We will be like angels.  

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