Jesus is so lovable.

Sunday, 6/28/15

In this Gospel the kindness of Jesus reaches out, drawing us closer to him.

We share in the appeal he had for those people of Capernaum who crowded up to him before he could even get out of the boat. He was delivering his beautiful words when he was approached by Jairus who wanted him to drop everything to come see about his daughter.

Not minding the interruption, he left the crowd he had warmed up, and he meekly followed Jairus.

His goodness and strength were so obvious that the hemorrhaging woman felt that even a touch of his robe would do away with a disorder for which a dozen years of doctoring had been ineffective. (For the chief priests, her flow of blood made her so unclean that for Jesus to have touched her would have made him unclean.)

When she was made whole, Jesus kindly assured the lady that it had been her faith, rather than his power that had cured her.

When they got to the house of the dying girl they found it surrounded by people sending up howls as they banged on pans. Such a crowd always gathered to scare off evil spirits who gather to snatch the souls of the dying.

Mark then did something for which we love him. That is, he gave us the actual words uttered by Jesus as he grasped to girl’s hand. In their Aramaic language Jesus said, “Talitha koum.” Or, “Little girl. Arise.”

Then, to help Jairus and his wife adjust to their surprise, he gave them something to occupy them. He told them to get the girl something to eat. Isn’t he lovable?

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