Jesus compared his first group of believers to seeds that would marvelously fill the earth. More marvelous is the way the Creator devised DNA the seed of all life.

Sunday, 6/14/15

The Gospel today turns our attention to seeds, with Jesus comparing a handful of seeds to the original handful of Christians from whom God would bring forth a family of Christians that would fill the world.

In our time we have come to know of a greater miracle that God has imbedded in all seeds.

It was in 1868 that a German scientist found that all vegetative and animal life is composed of identical DNA molecules, with each molecule being constructed of millions of atoms. 

Then, in 1953 Watson and Crick were able to map the structure of all DNA molecules. They described their assemblage as being twisted, parallel strings pairing off the same four basic atoms.

The different grouping of DNA molecules give existence to varying chromosomes that result in different life forms.

Jesus asked his Galilean farm folk to marvel at the way each seed sprung to life while they, the farmers, slept. That of course was marvelous, but in our time we can appreciate the greater miracle by which God, like a heavenly watchmaker, has devised, then fitted together the seeds of all life for the variety of all his creatures.

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