God does not credit us for how much we give, but for how much it costs us to give.

Saturday, 5/6/15

The Gospel catches Jesus and the Apostles at a casual moment. They have taken seats opposite the temple treasury, and they are amusing themselves watching people dropping their contributions into the temple treasury. From St. Mark’s account it isn’t clear whether their gifts were money, gold, or other valuables.

The Apostles were “oohing,” and “aahing,” over he contributions of the wealthy, while Jesus seemed lost in his own thoughts. Then he stood up, coming to life. A poor woman came, dropping two small coins into the treasury.

The old English translation of the Bible called her small coin a “mite.” They are remembered as “the widow’s mites.” The mites were so thin that when you dropped them they fluttered down.

Jesus called out, “This widow has given more than all the rest. They gave out of their abundance, but she gave all that she had to live on.”

He was telling you that God does not credit you for your great accomplishments. He credits you for how much it costs you to do the right thing.

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