Americans don't overdo taking oaths, but we do overdo our dependance on advertising.

Saturday, 6/13/15

Jesus said, “Let your ‘Yea’ be yea, and your ‘Nay’ be nay.”

In telling us to be straight forward, Jesus was saying we have no need for backing up our assertions with oaths.

In some cultures taking oaths on everything is a practice that’s overdone. We Americans don’t have that fault. However, we are strong on another way of bending the truth. There could be harm in the way we let advertizing dominate our newspapers, televisions, hospitals and houses of congress.

With the likes of “Snuffy Smith” and “Pickles,” our newspaper treats us to real art and wit. However, in needing full page advertisements for paying their wages, our papers shrink their comics to where we need a magnifying glass to make them out.

The television networks also need to pay their wages. They do that by playing host to strings of commercials that are like cockroaches infesting the sports and dramas programs.

We might wonder if the commercials that lead us in suing the medical people are helping us when their litigations send our medical insurance skyrocketing.  

Our Supreme Court with its “Citizens United Decision” has also given dominance to commercialism.  Since congress men and women cannot win reelection without that wide electorate reached only by expensive advertizing, the possible influence of their commercial sponsors could make us query, “Are their “Yeas” and “Nays” only in our common interests?”

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