Our readings have us feeling sentimental.

Friday, 515/15

You could be pardoned for feeling a touch of sentiment in today’s reading. His sadness at leaving his friends comes through in the Gospel where Jesus was saying, “I’ll see you again.”

For us who were around when Hitler for four years sealed off Parish from the rest of the world, we still get teary eyed when we hear Noel Coward’s song,, “I’ll see you again, whenever spring breaks through again.” Across the channel the Parisians, missing all of us, were singing, “Nous nous reveron.”  

Jesus gives rise to something like sentiment when he tells us he has many of his people even in Corinth, the most sinful port in the ancient world. Ports that cater to restless sailors tend to be wicked; but Corinth, placed on the Isthmus of Corinth--a port on both the Aegean and the Adriatic, was more so. There were up to a thousand girls in the temples to Diana. In that ancient world all prostituted were known as Corinthian girls.

But, Still!! Jesus had many people in that place. And, if he had many of his people in Corinth, he must have thousands more in Jacksonville.

The media feeds on sinfulness. The news channels don’t waste money on investigative reporters. They can get all the dirt they want off the police blotters. If you get out among ordinary people you will find many of them are above ordinary, giving their time and their means to help others. Our being able to count them as our friends is something more for us to feel a little sentiment.

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