Jesus said we are better off having the Holy Spirit than we would be having him.

Tuesday, 5/12/15

Jesus told the Apostles, “I tell you he truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.”

Applied to us, that means we are better off having the inspiration of the Holly Spirit, than we would be if we had Jesus physically with us.

Hard to believe, but when Jesus was here, many of his followers left him, and he  sadly had to watch them leave. He couldn’t get in to them to give their hearts a good shaking. Since we now have God’s Spirit at our beck and call we should take advantage of our situation.

In 1198 when Innocent III was elected pope, his old Paris professor, Stephen Langton, composed the hymn "Veni Sancte Spiritus" as a gift to him. Innocent sent the hymn to a  monastery where they did it in gold letters. Used on Pentecost Sunday, it is known as the Golden Sequence.

 Come, Holy Spirit, and send forth from heaven a ray of the light.
 Come, Father of the poor. Come, giver of gifts. Come, light of the soul.

Best of Consolers, sweet guest of my soul, sweet restfulness!
In labor you are my rest, in heat my coolness, in tears my comfort.

O blessed light, fill the inmost hearts, of all your faithful ones.
Without your willing it, there is nothing in then, nothing not harmful.

Cleanse what is sordid, moisten what is dry, tend what is wounded.
Bend the rigid, warm the frigid, straighten what has gone astray.

Give to the faithful confiding in you, all of your seven gifts.
Reward their virtue, give them a safe going forth, give them lasting joy.

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