For his new cardinals Pope Francis chose men who help those who need it most.

Friday, 5/8/15

Jesus said that his disciples should be recognizable by their loving ways.

That was what Pope Francis had in mind earlier this year in his making the choice of his twenty new cardinals. In the past it was the archbishops of important cities like New York and Dublin who were given the red hats. But Francis purposely chose men who worked against the odds in out-of-the-way places.

Cardinal Alberto Suarez Inda of southwestern Mexico has spent his life keeping up the spirits of people who are constantly harassed by drug cartels and by private militias.

The surprising choice in Myanmar fell on Archbishop Charles Bo who takes time to protect Muslim minorities from persecution.

Cardinal Montenegro of southern Italy has never forgotten his childhood in a very poor family, and he says that if the church doesn’t look out for his kind of people it is going nowhere. That has him insisting on our need to help refugees coming ashore from  Africa.

WE can all follow their lead in taking to heart Our Lord’s words, “Whatever you have done for these my little ones you have done for me.”   

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