Parents giving their all for their kids are the real Good Shepherds in our lives.

Sunday, 4/26/15

Often enough, the people in our lives whom we see as embodiments of the Good Shepherd are the priests, especially the ones  who have been our long-time pastors. They knew their flock, and their flock knew them.

Good enough. However, I have come to see the real Good Shepherds in our lives to be mothers and fathers, who little by little give up their own lives to make the lives of their children complete.

It’s wonderful to see them at their work at being parents. This young woman who used to be such a clotheshorse, is searching for something just right for her darling, while she herself has thrown on a skirt and a sweater she wouldn’t have been seen dead in four years ago.

Her husband has given up his nights with the boys. Mindful of what his kids need, he is working all the overtime he can get.

Jesus said, “I lay down my life in order to take it up again.” As unmarried people hungering to be successful, they never got anywhere. Now, that they have given up their future for the sake of their kids, the miracle has happened. They have become the best they could be.

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