On Holy Saturday we are all focused on the tomb of Christ.

Saturday, 4/4/15
Today Christianity is focused on the tomb of Jesus and on the baptismal pools serving as symbols of his tomb.
Each candidate for baptism, recalling how St. Paul said, “His death was a death to sin,” steels his or her soul for that step into that pool. That step must represent an earnest resolve to die to sin with Christ. 
On coming up from Christ’s tomb, the newly baptized lifts his or her forehead to the priest, asking  to be anointed with the Holy Spirit who will occupy a soul emptied of sin.
The church’s Holy Saturday rituals do not belong solely to the fresh candidates for baptism. On Holy Saturday we are all called on to repeat our baptisms. Each of us is called on to solemnly repeat his or her baptismal vows of renouncing Satan and all his works.
It would be seriously wrong for us to regard the renewal of baptismal vows as a meaningless ritual. Rather, the whole of lent must be seen as the spiritual preparation needed for making that renewal real. It is only if we die with him that we will rise with him.

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