It took the Catholic Church twenty-five years to answer Martin Luther.

Wednesday, 4/22/15

There were early Christians who altogether rejected the Old Testament. They felt that it presented them with a stern, unforgiving God. They wholeheartedly turned to Jesus as their loving Lord.

However, today’s Gospel throws a different light on the matter. Jesus said, “I will not reject anyone who comes to me, because I came down from heaven not to do my own will, but the will of the one who sent me.” 

There, he was saying that if he had his “druthers,” he would get rid of some of us, but he will put up with us because the Father wants us.

We should make more of Jesus telling us to address God as “Our Father.” There were six kids in the family I grew up in, so I didn’t have our dad to myself; but there were times when he took me up on his knee, and nothing has ever felt so good to me.  

St. John opened his Gospel by telling us, “all things came to be through him.” That means that God has been versatile enough to plan his creation of trees, birds—the whole of the world’s wide inventory.

Through history people have had it hard to picture how the mind of God could stretch itself so far. But our scientific discoveries have told us that God’s mind stretches unbelievably further.

His mind has devised the billion cells that make up your body. His mind has devised the billions of atoms ticking away in each of your cells.

Certainly, the Father’s lap is commodious enough for you and me and all of us to snuggle up there.

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