I am going to Emmaus with four of Our Lord's disciples today.

Wednesday, 4/8/15

I am sure this Gospel story means something special to everyone. Let me remark on points that strike me.

First, the story lets us know that Jesus can accompany us unseen: as in that song, “Yahweh, I know you are near, standing always at my side.”

Then, those two disciples had been hoping that Jesus would be the one to redeem Israel. They had considered his spiritual message to be quite nice, but not important. Their religion was more political.

Next, how easily the disciples dismissed what the women reported. What they had to say was interesting; but then, they were only women. That can happen.

And, haven’t you often wished you could have heard Jesus pointing out what Scriptures  referred to him?

When Jesus broke the bread and gave it to them it was not Holy Communion. They recognized him in the familiar way he offered the table blessing.

We have all felt our hearts burning in us when the Scriptures are opened to us.

Although weary from the full day’s walk, their meeting with the Risen Lord gave them energy for hurrying back to Jerusalem.

Perhaps I am missing out on wonderful things you find in this story. Today I am having our monthly lunch with four priest friends. We call these Wednesdays together our way of “Going  to Emmaus.”

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Anonymous said...

Hi Father, this is one of my favorite Bible stories. Imagine walking along with Jesus. Actually. we can. He wants to walk and talk with each of us, Enjoy your lunch. God bless. TCL

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