God has set aside home places for all of us in the Promised Land.

Friday.  5/1/15

In his Gospel John showed us that Jesus had a pattern he followed through his ministry for us. That pattern had him copying each step by which God took through Moses, leading the people out of slavery, through the desert, and into the Promised Land.

Just as God gave the people bread from heaven, Jesus said, “I am the true bread from heaven.“ Just as God gave them water from a rock, Jesus said, “Let anyone who thirsts come to me.” Just as God gave them a fiery cloud to lead them at night, Jesus said, “Anyone who follows me will not walk in darkness.”

Finally, for the Israelites, when they came to the crossing into the Promised Land, Moses had surveyors map out the land, giving a permanent portion for each tribe to inhabit forever. In today’s Gospel Jesus said there is a portion of the Promised Land set aside for you.

By that he was speaking of each of our heavenly dwelling place. However, we might also regard the homes we have had here below as God’s gift to our family.

Even tough we have moved about through our lifetimes, some of the places that were home to us in the past, in our memories live on as our homes. In our memories they are sill peopled by the dear families we had back then. 

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