When you are surrounded by insensitive people you can take Jesus for your companion.

Wednesday, 2/4/15

When you are surrounded by people who don’t see your pain, people who just do not care; and you find it impossibly lonely to go on suffering in silence, you can take Jesus for your companion.

Day and night he had to put up with his disciples squabbling over which of them was the greatest. Their insensitivity to his grief would later add to the weight of his cross.

Oddly enough, it was the Old Testament from centuries before that offered Jesus needed companionship.

The psalm says, “I hear the whispers of the crowd that frightens me from every side as they consult together against me, plotting to take my life.”

While Isaiah prophesied about the Messiah’s future sufferings, Jeremiah actually lived them. Rather than calling him a prophet of the Messiah, we call him a type of Our Lord. He experienced and gave voice to Our Lord’s anguish. In his Lamentations Jeremiah called out,

Give heed to my groaning, there is no one to comfort me. I am sick at heart.” 

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