When the little boy Jesus went to the market with his mother did he watch her holding her apron a way out to get full measure?

Monday, 3/2/15

We always like it when Jesus speaks to us in a homey way, like in today's Gospel where he said he would pour gifts into our laps. There, he is calling us back to the ages before there were paper bags or plastic packages that are so hard to get open.

In those old days, everyone wore an apron that served for carrying home his or purchases, and every vender had a scoop or a straw basket that by law had to contain a full quart or gallon. Down through the centuries the petty crime most often brought to courts involved dealers using false measures.

I liked tagging along when my mother went to Johnny the butcher. His pound of sausages was always an ounce over, with a tasty little wiener for mother's boy.

When we go out of our way to be kind to one of God's needy ones, we will do well to hold our aprons way out; because God will be pouring in to them happiness, good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing.

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