When Judas left the Last Supper it was nght.

Tuesday, 3/31/15
Imbedded in the final chapters of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah there are four songs for which we have lost the musical accompaniment. They were known as the “Songs of the Suffering Servant.” On Easter, Jesus would explaine that they prophetically applied to him. This week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we have the first three of the “Songs of the Suffering Servant.” We will have the last of them on Friday.  
The special note in this second of the songs is that the Servant is too great to serve only for the rescue of the Israelites. God will make him a “light to the nations.”
One little note on John’s account of the Last Supper is that in speaking of the departure of Judas, John noted, “And it was night.” Of course, they could not have begun the meal until after dark. What John was noting there is that it was night in the soul of Judas. It was “about noon” when the Samaritan Woman came out to the well.

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