The moments you spend with God in the morning enrich your days.

Wednesday, 4/1/15
Wednesday of Holy Week (with Judas going off to sell Jesus)  is traditionally known as Spy Wednesday. We sometimes use the day for looking back on times when we have been untrue to Christ. But, a happy sentence in the first reading caught my attention, and I’d like to say something about it.
That sentence in the first reading says, “Morning after morning he opens my ear that I may hear.” Those words could come from the mouths of those in the habit of making morning Mass; but there are a hundred times as many people who, without time for Mass, still begin their days with short chats with God. With him they look over what is ahead, asking him for the strength to do what is right.
The people who get the most out of the morning chats with God might be the Religious Sisters and the seminarians who have meditation time set aside morning after morning.
My own experience as a seminarian was that I slept through most of those morning half hours set aside for meditating. Even so, along with the other boys, I got something out of those morning half hours.
Five years ago, to amuse myself in retirement, I wrote an account of my first day as a seminarian over seventy years ago. I hadn’t looked at that account for a few years, but  I picked it up yesterday afternoon, and I was pleased with it. I had written how a priest came into the room where we were gathered, and he asked each of us to call out his name. Ten of those names come back to me as though it were yesterday. They are all gone now, and only three of them died as priests. But everyone of them went on to lead a good life. And, to come back to my subject, I think the way we were trained to start each day with a meditation on the Scriptures enriched all of our lives.

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