God speaks to each of us in each of the Mass readings.

 Saturday, 2/14/15

All of our daily Mass readings are Bible passages that speak to us, if we would listen.

You could be struck by the first reading where Hosea urges us, “Let us know, let us strive to know the Lord.” At times really knowing the Lord might seem to evade you. The physical presence of Jesus has been gone for two thousand years. Then, when you are praying to God, you are aware that a million other people are praying to him, and you might wonder how his personal switchboard could handle all those prayers. 

Well, you needn’t worry about there being too many calls for God. Genesis tells us he made us in his own image, and science tells us that he fitted together the 37, 000,000,000,000 cells in your body, along with the 14,000,000,000 atoms in each of those cells. So, you needn’t worry about God’s ability to handle complexity.

Next, you many have been touched by many aspects of Our Lord’s story of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee, but there is one detail that you might have missed. Near the end of the story Jesus said the Tax Collector went home justified. In saying that he went home, Jesus was saying that the man didn’t change his job as a tax collector. By letting him go on with that, Jesus was giving his blessing to such less-than-noble work that our world demand of us. A tax collector, an insurance salesman, even a bartender, by clean living can be as pleasing to God as a monk or a nun.

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